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An annual cost of living increase is expected to be reflected in Social Security disability payments every year. In 2021, the increase is at a rate of 1.3%.

Is It Better To Retire Or Go On Disability?

If given the option, disability would be more beneficial than retirement. A lot of our clients do both. At age 62, they collect early retirement and if we win their case, they may receive a disability amount which is the same amount as a full retirement.

Will I Be Penalized If I Retire Early Due To Disability?

If you retire early and do not file a disability claim, you will be penalized. Early retirement is less than full retirement. If you are disabled but you never filed a disability claim and retired early, you will be getting a reduced amount.

What Happens To My Disability When I Turn 62?

Your disability does not stop at early retirement age. You continue to get disability even as you reach retirement age.

Does Disability Affect Retirement Benefits?

If you begin getting social security disability before you reach retirement age, then once you do reach retirement age, you will continue to get benefits.

Will My Social Security Disability Benefits Change When I Reach Retirement Age?

Your disability benefits will not change once you reach retirement age. You will continue to get the same benefits. If it turns out that your retirement benefits are higher than your disability payment, then you would be eligible to receive the higher retirement age benefit.

Will I Lose My Social Security Disability If I Inherit Money?

If you inherit money, it can disqualify you from SSI benefits, but not from Social Security disability.

Do I Have To Pay For Medi-Cal on Social Security Disability?

Medicare premiums are deducted from your monthly social security disability benefit amount.

Does Anyone Get Approved For Disability The First Time?

About 20% of applicants are approved on their initial application.

Can I Work Until My Disability Is Approved Or Could That Hurt My Case?

A Social Security disability claim is stating that you are totally disabled. If you are able to work, then that is contrary to a claim that you are totally disabled.

How Often Does Social Security Disability Review My Case?

If you are close to retirement age, Social Security is less likely to re-evaluate whether or not your condition has improved. Generally, for younger claimants, they do a redetermination about every two years.

What Is Social Security Disability Looking For? What Could Potentially Change Your Status?

What social security does when they redetermine whether or not a recipient is disabled is review current medical records. The person receiving the benefits will get a letter from Social Security saying that they are going to redetermine disability for that person. They will collect medical records from doctors, hospitals, and clinics. The claimant might be asked to be examined by a Social Security doctor. The medical records and exam will be used to determine whether or not the claimant has gotten better and is no longer disabled.

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