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Social security will allow a person to receive full benefits but still work minimal hours per week. It can be a different number of hours for different claimants.

Should I File An Appeal With The Appeals Council? Is That Always The Best Idea?

If your claim is not well-substantiated or your disability is minimal, it might not be a good use of time to file an appeal.

What Are The Advantages To Filing An Appeal With The Appeals Council? Could New Medical Evidence Be Considered?

Social Security has rules against filing new evidence in an appeal. It has to be evidence that was in the timeline in which the judge making a decision could have reviewed the records. Records that are dated after your administrative law judge decision will likely be rejected.

What Does A Partially Favorable Decision Mean When It Comes To Social Security Disability?

A partially favorable decision means that you are not awarded all of the benefits that you requested. For example, you may have filed an application dated January, 2019 claiming that you were disabled in June, 2017. The judge may decide that you were not disabled that far back. He may decide that you were only disabled three months ago. That would be a partially favorable decision.

What Are The Disadvantages Or Drawbacks Of Appealing A Partially Favorable Decision?

The danger in appealing a partially favorable decision is that Social Security may come into new evidence or your case will be decided by a new decision maker. Evidence that was first thought favorable to you could be redetermined by someone else. It has been known to happen that on appeal, the new decision maker can decide that you were never disabled and all of your benefits can be taken away.

What Are The Alternatives To Appealing A Denial Of My Social Security Claim?

The only choices are appealing or not appealing. If you rethink your claim and decide you do not have enough medical evidence, you may choose to re-apply when you have more proof of your disability.

Is It Possible To Reopen A Claim After A Denial Of Social Security Disability Benefits?

When you file a new claim, you can simply state that you have a prior claim within four years and request re-opening of the prior claim.

Is It Ever Advisable To File A New Claim after A Denial Of Social Security Disability Benefits?

It is usually a better idea to file a timely appeal of a denial. However, due to circumstances, numerous claimants are required to file a new claim instead of appealing.

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