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A reconsideration appeal is a process that occurs between an initial application for disability and a request for a hearing, and is similar to the initial application process. Social Security will collect and reveiw the relevant medical records in order to make a determination as to whether or not the applicant is disabled.

If My Reconsideration Appeal Is Denied, Will I Have To Request A Hearing Before The Administrative Law Judge?

If a reconsideration appeal is denied, the individual will have to request a hearing before an administrative law judge.

At What Point Do I Appeal A Social Security Disability Denial?

An individual should appeal a Social Security disability denial immediately or on the day following the denial. The deadline for appealing a denial is 60 days after the date of denial.

Who Is Going To Be Making The Decision On My Reconsideration Appeal?

In most cases, the analyst who made a decision during the application phase of a case will be the one making a decision with regard to a reconsideration appeal on the same case. Since it will likely be the same individual making the decision, reconsideration appeals can be denied pretty quickly in the absence of additional evidence, such as new medical records.

What Information Or Evidence Is Reviewed At The Reconsideration Appeal Level?

The primary type of evidence reviewed at the reconsideration appeal level is medical in nature, such as medical and psychiatric treatment records, doctor’s reports, and disability statements written by doctors. Social Security will also review an individual’s work and education history.

If There Is A Claim With Children Filing Disability, What Further Evidence Is Necessary?

If a disability claim is for a child, the decision will be based primarily on medical treatment records and reports; there will be no consideration of prior work or education experience.

What Is The Actual Process Of A Reconsideration Appeal From Start To Finish?

Reconsideration appeals can be filed on Social Security’s official website or in a local Social Security office. If done in a local office, there will be five to 10 pages to complete and file. Once filed and stamped, the reconsideration process will begin and Social Security will collect recent medical records. The applicant may have to receive an evaluation from a state doctor chosen by Social Security. Once they have received a sufficient amount of information, they will make a decision.

How Does The Reconsideration Appeal Differ From The Initial Application?

The process of a reconsideration appeal is very similar to that of an initial application, and will involve Social Security collecting medical records, employment history, and education history. Once all of the relevant information has been reviewed, a determination will be made as to whether or not the individual can fulfill a position of employment.

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