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You actually don’t need a social security disability attorney. A lot of people do their claims all on their own. Most people would, however, do better if they had an attorney because an attorney has special knowledge and experience with presenting your claim to social security, which gives you the best chance of winning.

How Can An Attorney Assist Me In Getting Approved For Social Security Disability?

I show new clients a checklist of what I need to increase the chances of winning. It’s a long checklist that includes gathering medical evidence from your doctors and filing it with social security, cross-examining social security witnesses at hearings, and getting disability statements from doctors. These are the things that experienced lawyers do to increase their chances of winning the case.

Can I Even Afford To Hire A Social Security Disability Attorney?

Anyone can afford a social security attorney because there are no upfront fees. Disability lawyers only get paid once the case is approved. The attorney’s fee is 25% of the back benefits at the time the case gets approved, up to a maximum of $6,000.

When Should I Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits?

You should apply for disability when you think that you are going to be off work for at least 12 months due to your disability. This is an issue that has to be discussed with your doctor. If you and the doctor believe that your disability will last 12 months, then you should apply as soon as possible.

What Programs Does Social Security Disability Have To Protect Disabled Individuals?

Disability protection comes in the form of monetary benefits. If you show that you’re disabled, the protection comes in monthly benefit payments, so that you’re protected in getting your bills paid.

Can I Try To Work While My Social Security Disability Claim Is Pending?

A lot of our clients are attempting to work while their claim is pending. However, if you have consistent work and that continues throughout the claim, at that point you have to realize that you’re not totally disabled. Even if you are working in pain or working with discomfort, you are still able to work, so you would not qualify for social security disability. If, however, you became totally unable to work, you would already have an ongoing claim, which would make it easier to get benefits approved.

Can I File For Unemployment?

In order to get unemployment, you have to attest that you are able to work and that you’re looking for work, which is totally contrary to a disability claim, in which you claim you are totally disabled and can’t work. Generally, if you are getting unemployment, you won’t have a viable social security disability claim.

How Long Does It Take To Process My Social Security Disability Claim?

Some claimants are able to get their claims approved in the application phase of a case, where they file an application and within six months, they are approved for benefits. Other claimants, whose medical problems are not as clear cut, have to file appeals and it could take up to three years to finally win their case.

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