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What To Do After An Injury In The Workplace

  • By: Tony Adderley
  • Published: August 24, 2015

After an injury in the workplace, you must first report the injury to your employer. Report it to a supervisor, and for best results, make sure that the report is in writing. If you don’t report the injury to your employer immediately after the injury has occurred, your employer may claim that the injury is unrelated to your work activities. Remember, your employer may not be as eager to begin paying out worker’s compensation benefits as you believe.

Get medical help for your injuries. Under the law, your employer will provide you with a list of healthcare providers that you may choose from. However, you can also choose to get medical treatment from a doctor of your own choice.

Begin the process of filing a worker’s compensation claim. File the claim as quickly as possible. Don’t delay filing a claim-it only encourages your employer to allege that your injuries were not related to your work.

Document the time that you spent off work because of the injury. Document all the expenses that you incurred during treatment. Don’t neglect transportation costs that you may have incurred during visits to and from the doctor, visits to the hospital, and other expenses. Maintain documentation of all the other out-of-pocket expenses as a result of the injury.

For help filing a worker’s compensation claim, speak to a worker’s compensation attorney in Los Angeles. For more advice about what you can do to recover benefits after an injury, schedule a consultation with a worker’s compensation attorney in Los Angeles.

About the Author Tony Adderley has been working as a professional advocate for
individuals entitled to Social Security Disability (SSD) and worker’s
compensation benefits for more than 20 years.