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At your SSD hearing, the judge will ask questions about your activities of daily living. There are going to be a lot of questions about what you do all day, your treatment, which doctors are you seeing, how long you’ve been seeing those doctors, your contact with family or friends, and how much time you spend with those family or friends.

What Employment Information Will Need To Be Provided?

Your past work is very important. Social security is interested in all work, going back 15 years, including the kind of work you did and the job requirements. Social security is trying to determine whether you are physically or mentally able to go back to doing that job.

Could This Evidence Hurt Or Help My Case?

If the type of work you did did not require a lot of strain or mental capacity, it can be difficult to show that you do not have the strength and capacity for the job. Those types of past work are problematic, compared to a job where you would have to lift very heavy things or be on your feet all day.

Will I Ever Need To Provide Any Mental Health Information At The Hearing?

If you have a psychiatric disability claim, you would certainly have to produce treatment evidence, which would have already been filed before your hearing. If you have a psychiatric problem, like depression or an anxiety disorder, and that is all you have, all of your treatment evidence would be psychiatric treatment.

How Do I Answer All Of The Judge’s Questions At My Social Security Disability Appeal Hearing?

You want to answer the judge’s questions directly at your hearing. When a jduge asks a question, he already knows the answer because he has reviewed your treatment records and made notes about the details in your personal and medical life. Answer the question directly and paint a picture for the judge by providing more than simple yes or no answers.

Do A Lot Of Social Security Disability Claims End Up At The Hearing Level?

A lot of disability claims end up at the hearing level. Only about 20 to 25% of disability applications are approved and the remainder are denied. Social security is very conservative at those earlier levels because you can potentially receive benefits for 10-20 years if your case is approved.

I Was Denied My Initial SSD Claim; Must I Wait A Certain Period Of Time Before I Apply For The Hearing?

If your claim was denied, you want to file your appeal as soon as possible. The deadline to file your appeal is usually in 60 days.

I Was Denied My Initial Social Security Disability Claim And Have Requested A Hearing. How Long Before I Get A Court Date?

The minimum waiting period for a hearing is 12 months and the maximum is 24 months.

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