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Why Bother Trying For Social Security Disability? I’ll Just Be Denied!

False. It is difficult to get benefits but 20% of applications are approved initially and on appeal, you have another 50% chance of getting approved.

If My Doctor Says I Am Disabled, That Guarantees I’ll Qualify For Social Security Disability!

False. Social Security relies on a combination of evidence and medical records to determine whether or not you are disabled. Your doctor’s opinion matters but so do medical records, social security examinations and reports, and your own statements about your daily activities. Your doctor’s opinion is just one piece of the material.

Once You Are On Social Security Disability, You Are Approved For Life!

False. If you’re younger, your chances of being re-evaluated every three years is great because younger people have a higher likelihood of recovering from their disability. If you’re younger than average, expect to be re-evaluated every three years. Once you become closer to retirement age, your chances of being re-evaluated are lessened and you could be on disability permanently.

The Best First Step When Applying For Social Security Disability Is To Immediately Hire A Lawyer

False. Most people file their application on their own and if they get approved right away, they didn’t need a lawyer. Some people want to have a lawyer right from the start because they’re unable to complete the application forms. It’s a choice that the applicant has to make but most people apply, the first time, on their own.

Having Objective Detailed Complete Documentation Of Your Disability Will Increase The Likelihood You’ll Be Approved For Social Security Disability.

True. It is the best case scenario for the applicant to have sufficient medical evidence and ongoing medical treatment. That would be the ideal circumstance to increase your chance of getting your claim approved.

Social Security Disability Payments Kick In Immediately.

False. Most people have their application denied and have to appeal. On average, it could take six months to three years to get approved and start receiving payments.

Social Security Disability Is Designed To Be A Long Term Program.

True. Social Security disability is the government’s long term disability plan. When you work, you have deductions from your pay. Part of that goes to fund the Social Security disability program, so that once you become disabled, those benefits are there for you, if your application is approved.

You Need To Have An Attorney To File For Social Security Disability And Social Security Disability Decision Appeal.

False. A lot of people have to complete the whole process on their own because their case was not accepted by an attorney. Attorneys have to select cases that have some probability of being approved. Many people have to go it alone, if their claim is not picked up by an attorney, and some people simply don’t want to hire an attorney. They handle the application process and the appeals processes on their own.

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