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Disability Law Offices of Tony Adderley

“I’m happy that I had a team of Mr. Tony Adderley law office. My case was treated with the best professional work a person could ask for his team was very outstanding Crossing all the t’s and dotting All Is. If you want the best professional help contact Mr. Tony S. Adderley’s law office.”
Clarence D.

“From the moment that I first met Tony, I knew that no matter what he had my best interest. Even though it took over 4 yrs not once did he waiver in his commitment to seeing my case to the end. I am truly thankful and grateful for his services.”
Kenneth E.

“He helped me quite a bit. He pulled up career numbers that expedited my case while the case was going on. If I had tried that I would have failed miserably. Thank You Tony.”
David T.

“So thankful for Tony Adderley for helping my dad and my fiance when no one would take their case. He quick to answer all question and always available when you call. I have dealt with lot of different lawyers and he is one of the best!”

“I really appreciate all u did for me, I could not have did it with out u I will recommend u to any one I know. Thank You.”
Veronica R.

“For Social Security Disability Tony Adderley is great. As an experienced litigation attorney I know what make a first rate lawyer and Tony has it all. Competent, knowledgeable, effective, accessible, friendly and fair. Choose Tony for your SSD claim. He gets the job done right.”

“I would like to thank your law firm for the work and dedication in helping me receive a fully favorable decision with my disability claim. Very satisfied with your representation. Everything went smoothly, and I will be receiving benefits earlier than expected. This has been life changing form me!”

“They were helpful from the beginning to end. He won my case and l have hope for the future.”
Stephenie O.

“What can I say? Tony called me after another attorney turned my case down. He told me that my case is the type of cases he takes. He won the case for me, hands down. Thank you so much Tony, and to your staff for always being there for me! I can finally get on with my life.”
Robert R.

“I give Tony s. AdderLey, Attorney at Law a 5 star. The staff was excellent I have no complaints and I recommend anybody to this firm and I want to special thank Tony Adderley for his hard work on making my case so easy.”
Julie G.

“Thanks to Tony my Husband a disabled Veteran got Approved for SSDI, thank you so much again.”
Jasmin R.

“Mony did a wonderful job with my case. He always returned my phone calls promptly, answering any questions that I had. When we went to court, he was well prepared for our hearing. Thanks again, Tony! ”
Lori R.

“Mr. Adderley is 100% the best very knowledgeable and kind and understanding, as well the employees. They always will return calls quickly. He worked so hard on my case and he won my case. After other t.v attorneys lost my case because they did not care. I wish I would of know about Tony Adderley and I know for fact he would of had won my the first time. Thank you so much with plenty of love.”
Marchell B.

“It has been great. You would recommend anyone to see Mr. Adderley. A very good law firm.”
Shannon J.

“It took me sense 2009 to try to get my SSA and i was denied 4 times my friend told me to call Mr. Tony S. Adderley. Mr. ADDERLEY took my case it took us two years he was write there the first time the we didn’t hear nothing after the hearing. So Mr. ADDERLEY said they wanted another hearing. So Mr. ADDERLEY got another hearing and have to get more paperwork and came we won in fully favorably of everything. Thank you Mr. ADDERLEY for being patient with me and take my case. God bless he’s the best.”
Wendy S.

“If you need social security attorney or disability lawyer give him a call. Good professional, he took care of my case and me and I’m thankful for everything. My choice was not a mistake!”
Stanley G.

“I had applied for Disability Benefits due to the onset of Multiple Sclerosis. I was denied, however after hiring Tony Adderley, my benefits were approved. Great job Tony! Thank you.”
Andrew S.

“Working with Tony was a great experience! I would highly recommend him to anyone that is dealing with disability issues. He is prompt, caring and professional.”
Travis H.

“Tony is a great attorney who knows his clients. He won my case, and I can’t thank him enough.”
Robert R.

“Tony and his staff are professional, courteous and efficient. He returns calls promptly. I would recommend Tony to everyone who needs his services!”
Cheryl F.

“He has a great staff he’s the best lawyer in Los Angeles California.”
Shannon J.

“Tony good ppol, keep doing yo THANG n A real way. U ever need some help N just let GLJ.”
George L.

“Great care was given to my husband’s case. He is personable and hard working. Very competent. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family.”
Pattie K.

“Tony and his staff were very thorough and kept us well informed. We had a favorable outcome to our case.”
Sandy M.

“Never met Attorney Adderley until the day of the hearing and he was very pleasant. Fortunately I won my case. Not sure if it was because I had an attorney or if it was due to my diagnosis.”
Tonya C.