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Los Angeles Social Security Disability AttorneyDepression is a serious medical condition that involves more than just feeling blue. It is a mental affliction that can disrupt a person’s entire life, making that person feel disconnected from society and anxious over otherwise trivial or unavoidable matters. For some people, their depression is so bad that it can even interfere with their ability to hold down or find a job.

While research into depression has come a long way in helping people cope with the affliction, there has yet to be discovered a one size fits all solution. Some people respond to medication, but others don’t. Some respond to therapy, others don’t. While science continues to work toward a viable, effective cure, those who are suffering from depression today have little recourse when they are unable to get the signs and symptoms of their depression under control.

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As a mental disability, the Social Security Administration (SSA) offers Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits to those who can prove that they suffer from depression and that their affliction interferes with their ability to hold down a job. Generally, a disability or condition must prevent or be expected to prevent a person from being able to work for a period of at least 12 months.

To be approved for SSD coverage, benefits applicants will have to prove to the satisfaction of the SSA that a condition or disability exists and that it, in fact, prevents or will prevent a person from working. Unfortunately, proof requirements are considerably strict, and many of the applications which the SSA denies for failing to provide adequate proof belong to those with serious and legitimate medical conditions.


Tony Adderley is an experienced Los Angeles social security disability attorney backed by a team of diligent legal professionals who will work as hard as they can to help their clients seeking SSD coverage – even if those clients have already been denied for coverage before.