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Los Angeles Carpal Tunnel Syndrome AttorneyWhile little is actually known on the causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), we do know that it is presented when the median nerve becomes compressed at the wrist in the area known as the carpal tunnel. The syndrome is identified by objective and verifiable symptoms that are usually noticeable in the hands and wrists. The presence of unexplained pain coupled with the lack of physical deformity is usually diagnosed as thoracic outlet syndrome or pronator syndrome, not CTS.

Although there are several internal causes of CTS, like diabetes and pregnancy, the syndrome can be developed by individuals who perform heavy manual labor and by those who use tools and equipment that vibrate heavily. No matter what the actual cause, CTS can prevent a person from working on a long-term basis, and those who are diagnosed with the condition may be eligible to receive benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA) in the form of Social Security Disability (SSD). They can do that by seeking help from the Los Angeles Carpal Tunnel Attorneys at our office. Our attorney will review your case to determine if it is a valid CTS case.

Unfortunately, proving a claim is perhaps the hardest part of being approved for benefits, what with the SSA being a notorious denier of applications submitted by those with valid claims. The reason for the denials is primarily due to the number of applications that the agency reviews (the more applications that are reviewed, the more that will be mistakenly denied) and the failure of applicants to properly and completely fill out an SSD benefits application. This is where the role of carpal tunnel attorneys in California comes in. The CTS attorneys at Disability Law Offices of Tony Adderley are handling such cases. They are also knowledgeable about CTS and the different causes that can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

An Experienced Los Angeles Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Attorney

Los Angeles carpal tunnel syndrome attorney Tony Adderley and his team of experienced disability benefits advocates can help sufferers of CTS get the compensation that they are entitled to from the SSA. He will help applicants compile evidence in support of their claims and will submit applications on their behalf. If they are denied or have already been denied, Tony Adderley will even be able to help with the appeals process up to and including representation in federal court if the SSA repetitively denies benefits. He also understands other legalities of such cases, such as the carpal tunnel workers compensation average settlement that can be obtained for an individual in such cases. We have some of the most experienced Los Angeles Carpal Tunnel Attorneys working at our office. Call Disability Law Offices of Tony Adderley for a Free Case Review to talk with our carpal tunnel attorneys in California.

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