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Age is a factor in Social Security Disability claims because Social Security benefits are provided to retiring persons.

Why Is Age So Critical In Obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits?

Age is critical in obtaining Social Security Disability benefits because as opposed to older people, younger people are generally better able to transition to other types of work that they have not done before, take training courses, and ultimately get hired by employers.

What Are Common Reasons People Are Denied SSD Benefits Related To Age?

Young claimants are denied SSD benefits because Social Security recognizes that a younger claimant who is disabled could potentially be dependent upon Social Security Disability benefits for the rest of their lives. For example, if a 19-year-old were to qualify for SSD benefits, they might need to receive it for decades.

What Are Two Categories Of Workers Who Will Automatically Qualify For Benefits?

Persons who are retiring at age 65 or 67—whichever applies to the individual in question—will automatically qualify for Social Security retirement benefits. Persons with disabilities must provide medical evidence that proves they are disabled prior to qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits.

What Are Some Things On The Grid For Social Security Benefits?

The grid rules refer to Social Security’s medical vocational guidelines and consider a person’s work and education experience, as well as their age. In general, it becomes easier for someone to qualify for disability as they age.

What Are The Different Age Categories?

The age categories are adult persons who are 18 to 49, 50 to 54, and 55 to 60.

Does Being Older Help Your Social Security Disability Claim?

Being older can help a person obtain Social Security Disability benefits. For example, someone who is 57 years old and only worked as a cashier during their lifetime would have an easier time obtaining benefits than someone who is 30 years old and may no longer be able to do their current line of work, but could transition into a new line of work.

If A Claim Is Denied Under The Grid, Can I Still Win My Case By Showing That The Grid Rules Don’t Apply In My Instance?

While it would be difficult, it is possible for someone to argue that the grid rules don’t apply to their circumstances, and that they should receive benefits as a result. For the most part, psychiatric disabilities such as depression or bipolar disorder fall outside of the grid rules. An attorney can show that a case should be approved because the grid rules don’t apply, but such arguments are sometimes difficult for judges to accept.

What Avenues Can Someone Explore When Their Claim Is Denied On The Basis Of Grid Rules?

If someone’s claim was denied on the basis of grid rules, they would need to prove that they are unable to do any form of work. For example, Social Security may determine that a person can no longer work in construction, but may argue that they are capable of working as a receptionist or telemarketer; under such circumstances, the individual would have to prove that their disability precludes them from working as a receptionist or telemarketer.

Have Medical Criteria Recently Changed In A Way That Allows Certain People To Automatically Meet The Medical Requirements For SSD Claims To Be Granted?

There is a rule called the compassionate allowance, which allows for cases involving proof of certain illnesses to be fast-tracked for approval. These illnesses include Alzheimer’s disease and several other conditions that are recognized as disabling and as having poor prognoses. The compassionate allowance rule ensures that these cases are flagged for fast-tracking in order to limit the wait time for those in need of benefits.

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