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How Substantial Gainful Activity Affects Your Social Security Disability Benefits

  • By: Tony Adderley
  • Published: November 2, 2015

ubstantial Gainful Activity refers to a certain level of work activity and earnings. For a work activity to be considered “substantial,” it must involve significant mental or physical activity, or a combination of both physical and mental activity. The Social Security Administration will consider whether you are able to engage in substantial gainful activity, before it decides whether you are eligible for benefits. Speak to a Los Angeles Social Security disability benefits lawyer to learn whether you are eligible for a claim.

Remember that you do not necessarily have to be engaged in full-time work for the Social Security Administration to determine that you are engaged in substantial gainful activity. You can be doing part-time work, and the work could qualify as substantial gainful activity. You have to be working for pay or profit, in order for your work to be considered as substantial gainful activity. Whether or not you engage in such substantial gainful activity is one of the primary factors that the Social Security Administration will take into consideration to address whether you are eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.

The amount that you must be earning as part of substantial gainful activity for you to be eligible for benefits, will depend on the nature of your disability. For instance, the limit may be much higher in the case of statutorily blind persons, and they may be able to earn much more and still retain eligibility for Social Security disability benefits. For persons who do not suffer from blindness, but suffer from other types of disabilities or impairments, the Substantial Gainful Activity threshold is much lower.

In 2015, the Substantial Gainful Activity amount for persons who do not suffer from blindness is $1,090. For people who suffer from blindness, the Substantial Gainful Activity Amount is $1,820.

To determine whether you qualify for Social Security benefits, speak with a Los Angeles Social Security disability benefits lawyer.

About the Author Tony Adderley has been working as a professional advocate for
individuals entitled to Social Security Disability (SSD) and worker’s
compensation benefits for more than 20 years.