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The main types of Social Security benefits are Social Security Disability (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). There are also widow’s disability benefits, which give a widowed person access to disability benefits.

Do I Need Money To Talk To An Attorney About My SSD Claim?

Since Social Security requires that attorney’s fees be approved at the end of a case, an individual generally won’t need to pay to speak with an attorney about their SSD claim. While the vast majority of Social Security attorneys will not charge an upfront fee, some will; any amount that an attorney charges must be approved by Social Security, and the attorney will only receive it if the case is successful.

I Am Disabled But I Have Money In The Bank; Do I Have To Wait Until All The Money Is Gone Before Applying For SSD Benefits?

There is no money requirement for Social Security Disability benefits, which means that having money in a bank account will not preclude someone from qualifying for disability benefits. However, there is a money limit requirement that applies to SSI because it is considered welfare.

I Used To Work, But Lately I’ve Been At Home Taking Care Of Children, And I Am Now Sick; Can I Get SSD Benefits?

If a person has not worked five out of the 10 years prior to applying for SSD benefits, then they will not qualify.

How Long Do I Have To Wait After Becoming Disabled To File For Social Security Disability Benefits?

An individual can apply for Social Security Disability benefits immediately upon learning that they will be unable to work for at least 12 months.

Can I File For SSD Benefits While I Am On Sick Leave From My Employer?

An individual can apply for SSD benefits as soon as they know that their disability will or has lasted 12 months, even if they are already receiving other benefits.

Can I File A Claim For SSD Benefits While Having An Ongoing Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Many people receive SSD and workers’ compensation benefits concurrently.

Do I Have To Be Permanently Disabled To Get Social Security Disability Benefits?

Social Security’s definition of permanent disability is a disability that has or will last 12 months or more; if an individual will not be disabled for 12 months or more, then they will not qualify for Social Security Disability benefits.

I Have Several Health Problems, But It Is Only The Combination Of Them All That Renders Me Disabled; Can I Still Get Social Security Disability Benefits?

An individual who has several health problems, the culmination of which amounts to a disability, is certainly eligible to receive SSD benefits. For example, a person might have high blood pressure and a bad knee, with neither condition on its own rendering them disabled, but the combination of the two preventing them from working. In fact, it’s very common for a combination of illnesses to render a person disabled.

I Got Hurt In An Auto Accident; I Am Disabled Now But Expect To Return To Work After I Recover. Should I File For Social Security Disability Benefits?

If an individual believes that they will be disabled for 12 months or more, then they should file for SSD benefits. On the other hand, if someone believes they will recover and be able to return to work after just a few months, then they probably wouldn’t be eligible to receive SSD benefits.

Why Does Social Security Consider My Age When Making A Determination As To Whether Or Not I Am Disabled?

Age is a factor that’s considered in the determination of whether or not someone will qualify for SSD benefits because in general, younger people are better able to transition into types of work which they’ve never done before. For this reason, Social Security makes it very tough for a disabled person aged 18 to 49 to receive benefits. A person who is 55 years or older is much less likely to transition to other work or be hired by employers who normally favor younger workers, and as a result, they are more easily granted Social Security benefits.

Is There A List Of Illnesses That Social Security Considers?

Any condition can be disabling. For example, high blood pressure isn’t normally considered a condition that’s serious enough to render a person unable to work, but if it’s severe enough, not well-controlled, and requires frequent doctor visits and inpatient hospital stays, then it would be considered a disability for Social Security purposes.

How Far Back Will Benefits Be Paid If I Am Found To Be Disabled?

In most cases, Social Security Disability benefits will be provided for one year prior to the date that the individual filed. For example, if someone became disabled in 1980 but didn’t file a claim until January 2015, they would be provided with the benefits they would have received from January 2014 and onward.

Can I Switch Attorneys At Any Time During My Social Security Disability Case?

An individual can obtain the services of a different attorney at any point during their case. However, the new or subsequent attorney may be reluctant to take the case since the previous attorney would have to waive their right to an attorney’s fee, and if they don’t, then the new attorney would have difficulty in getting paid.

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