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My first social security hearing was 25 years ago, in 1993.

Why Did You Choose To Practice In This Area Of Law?

I’ve practiced other areas of law, like IRS tax resolution and veterans’ disability, and I spent eight years in the Navy. I have first-hand experience in cases where people really need help from the government but have trouble getting it. That’s why I gravitate towards social security disability law.

What Is A Request For A Re-Consideration In Social Security Disability Law?

A request for reconsideration is the middle stage in the process of getting approved for social security disability. The application is the first process in getting your benefits and the later process is the request for a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. A reconsideration appeal is a middle process between the application and the request for a hearing. The reconsideration appeal is a quick process and usually takes about half the time of the application process.

Should A Social Security Decision Be Appealed?

A social security denial should definitely be appealed. Many people make the mistake of being denied and filing a new application. Then, that application is denied and you file a new application. You never move your case forward if you don’t appeal. Appeal the decision to keep moving your case forward, instead of starting all over again each time.

Is There Any Way To Expedite The Social Security Disability Appeals Process?

Any time you expedite a case, it means putting your case in front of people who requested applications or appeals before you did. In order to do that, you have to have circumstances like a dire need, which means being homeless or suffering from a terminal illness. It is possible to expedite your case, but you have to have extenuating circumstances.

Will Other Witnesses Outside Of Medical Testimony Be Important To My Case?

I use witnesses like family members, a spouse, or an adult child. Oftentimes, witness testimony can put the case over the top, especially if your witness is credible in that they have a regular job and they’ve been on the job for a long time. That adds credibility to the overall case.

What Are Someone’s Chances Of Actually Getting Approved At The Reconsideration Level?

At the reconsideration level, it is very difficult to get approved. Nationally, only about 20% of cases are approved at this level. The application phase is slightly more promising, as far as getting a case approved, and the hearing level in front of an administrative law judge is the best chance of getting your case approved. People should expect to be denied at the reconsideration level.

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