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Normally, a judge will send you a written decision 30 to 90 days after your hearing date.

If My Appeal Is Denied, Is There Any Further Action That I Can Or Should Take?

If you are denied, the best thing to do is file an appeal. File the appeal before your deadline or find an attorney who will file the appeal for you.

How Long Does It Take To Receive An Answer On An Appeal From The Social Security Office?

The first appeal after an application denial is a reconsideration appeal. The reconsideration appeal level normally takes about three to six months to get an answer. If you are denied at reconsideration appeal level, you can request a hearing. It normally takes about 18 months to get a live hearing.

When Do Social Security Disabilities End?

If you are found disabled, you will get benefits until you go back to work or until social security does a reevaluation in your case and determines that you are no longer disabled. During a reevaluation, social security will review your current medical records and decide whether or not you are still disabled. However, older claimants who are close to retirement age are usually not reevaluated and receive benefits for the rest of their lives.

Why Do I Need An Attorney To Assist Me If My Claim For Social Security Disability Benefits Is Denied? Can’t I Just Go It Alone?

Many cases need an attorney because the case involves difficult medical or legal issues. If your application is approved without the necessity of an appeal, you do not need an attorney. Most attorneys will not take up a case until the appeal stage.

Additional Information On Social Security Disability Claims

The most important thing about a disability case is the medical evidence and records. Unfortunately, many claimants avoid seeing doctors because they just do not want to undergo further treatment. It is difficult to prove a disability case if you have not seen a doctor consistently. It is very important that you keep appointments with doctors, so you will have evidence for your case.

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