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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is defined by social security in the same way that the medical community defines it. There is no different definition that social security uses to define any medical condition. However it is defined by the medical community is the same definition that social security uses to define the disorder.

What Are Some Severe Symptoms That Social Security Disability Is Looking At To determine Whether Someone Would Qualify For Benefits Under PTSD?

PTSD, in many ways, is like other severe psychiatric problems, including major depression or anxiety disorder. They look for symptoms being very pronounced, such that you are taking medication for it. Many of my clients who have PTSD are taking more than one medication for management of the symptoms. For a symptom such as isolated behavior, they may take two or three medications for that symptom alone. The amount of medication a person is taking for a condition or a symptom and the frequency of treatment with doctors are factors to be looked at to determine how severe a psychiatric problem is.

What Is A Medical Vocational Allowance In Regards to PTSD?

A medical vocational allowance is a social security term meaning based on your age and your past work history. Social security uses the combination of the two to determine whether or not you are disabled. A person who was a cashier and is 21 years old will have a more difficult time proving they are disabled than a cashier who is 61 years old, all other criteria being the same.

What Medical Ecidence Will I Need To Provide To Prove My PTSD Claim?

As as far as medical evidence, the more the better, regardless of the medical disorder. A claimant that has a very thin treatment record has a very difficult case, but a claimant who has seen multiple specialists for their PTSD and has had different types of treatment modalities, other than medications and therapy sessions, has a more provable case.

Do I Need An Attorney To Help Me With My PTSD Filing For Social Security Disability?

You don’t need an attorney. Most people don’t hire an attorney until they’ve been denied.

What Are Some Common Challenges That I Can Face When Applying For Social Security Disability?

The biggest challenge is lack of sufficient evidence. Many people don’t realize that to get social security disability, you have to prove that you are totally disabled. You have to prove that your disability is totally disabling and will be totally disabling for at least a 12 month period. A lot of people can’t clear that hurdle.

I Am A Veteran. Shouldn’t I Automatically Get Benefits For PTSD?

It’s not automatic that you would get benefits. It is based on the weight of your evidence. Your medical evidence has to show that you have a severe PTSD disorder, meaning one that would prevent you from doing any work at all.

How Soon After I Am Diagnosed With PTSD Should I Apply For SSD Benefits?

When your psychiatrists believes that your condition will be disabling for at least a 12 month period, you are getting treatment for PTSD, and you are not able to work, you should apply for benefits.

My Application For SSD Benefits For PTSD Was Denied. What Do I Do Next?

The important thing is to file an appeal. Most applications are denied. You want to file an appeal before the deadline and keep your case moving forward.

Will The AOJ be Looking At Any Additional Information In My PTSD Hearing?

The AOJ will be looking at the weight of your own treatment records, treatment evidence of PTSD, which medications your doctors have tried, and therapy session notes. One problem that many of my clients with psychiatric disorders have is a history of drug and alcohol abuse. That weighs heavily as to whether or not your claim will be approved. Most times, judges look for abstinence from drugs or alcohol for at least a six month period.

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