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Social security is an all or nothing benefit plan. It doesn’t matter how disabled you are. Once you reach the threshold of disability, you are entitled to the same monthly benefit amount.

How Is The Social Security Disability Amount Calculated?

The amount of social security disability you will receive depends on your work records and how much you’ve earned in the last 10 years of your employment. If you have a high paying job making $100,000 a year, your monthly benefit amount would be much more than someone who made $20,000 a year. It all depends on your earnings.

What Do You Say To People Who Are Reluctant To File A Social Security Disability Claim?

If you are overwhelmed, you don’t have to apply today. It’s not something where you have to rush out and put in an application. However, if two or three weeks go by and you still don’t feel up to putting your application in, you might want to hire someone to take care of it for you. An experienced attorney will file your application, help you through all of the processes, and take that worry off your plate.

Is There A Deadline To File For Social Security Disability Benefits After Being Declared As Disabled?

Usually, your disability status runs out five years after you stop working. Generally, people will file their claims long before they’ve been out of work for five years. You don’t have to file immediately after you are disabled and stop working, but after five years, your insurance status runs out.

Do You Discourage People From Filing For SSD Benefits Without Retaining Services Of Legal Counsel?

I usually encourage claimants to solve their own applications. I’m of the opinion that if you file your application and you get approved, then you don’t need an attorney. Some people absolutely want an attorney and that’s fine too. Some people will have to have an attorney because they are simply not able to apply because they are incapacitated. However, I encourage people to file their own application and then, if they are denied, to consider hiring an attorney.

Am I Able To Receive Both Workers’ Compensation And Social Security Benefits At The Same Time?

I have many clients who are getting both workers’ compensation benefits and social security disability benefits. However, in certain cases, your benefits could be reduced. Social security has a policy where the benefits are reduced such as that you don’t get more money from workers’ compensation and social security than you would receive if you were working a job.

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