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Yes, so having somebody fill out the forms and paperwork for you help you in collecting medical evidence is a big part of it but also, being available to Social Security when a call comes in needing information about the status of your case. Oftentimes, we hear from social security that they can’t reach the client or the client moved or the client’s number is disconnected and social security has no person to reach or get in touch with and oftentimes they close their claim because the claimant has been unreachable because they are in a hospital or they have moved away or their number has been disconnected. So, that’s another added benefit of having an attorney is having a third party that can answer the phone each time that social security calls.

Will A Social Security Attorney Be Able To Gather And Interpret All Of The Relevant Medical Evidence Needed To Prove My Disability?

Yes, we gather medical records and reports from doctors, hospitals and clinics and beyond that, we also contact our client’s doctor to get medical reports and disability statements that will help with the case because we want to have an opinion in the file from the client’s doctor that the client is actually disabled and is entitled to benefit payments.

Does Having A Social Security Disability Lawyer Help Speed Up The Process For The Initial Application?

Generally no, because it would be unfair to process a claim faster because that claimant has an attorney so no. Social security should and they do treat the claims equally. So, no, it won’t speed up your case if you have an attorney because that would be fundamentally unfair.

Should Someone Confer with Legal Counsel Prior To Filing The Initial Application For SSD Benefits?

Yes, absolutely. If you are considering filing, if you are disabled and you can’t work, you certainly would want to talk to a disability attorney even if you are still at work and you know that you will be leaving the job soon because of your medical conditions but yeah, it is a good idea to talk to an attorney and it’ll usually be a free consultation and sometimes claimants really don’t have a strong case because their condition, it might not be disabling for social security and they should talk with an attorney because that way they can make decisions on how they want to proceed.

Additional Information On Initial Application For SSD Benefits

One thing people should know is that when you file your application, you cannot be paid more than a year before your application date. So, sometimes claimants will wait several years to file thinking that they’ll be able to collect benefits beginning when they were first speaking, disabled which is not true. Social security will not in any circumstances pay you more than a year before your application date, no matter how many years before your application you became disabled. So, you can potentially lose benefits if you wait a long time to file a claim.

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