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Most social security lawyers do not do applications and yes, because of the amount of paperwork involved and the fees if the application is approved, the fees can be small also. So, that’s why a lot of lawyers won’t do them.

Why Do Most Social Security Attorneys Avoid Helping Someone With Their Initial Application?

The application can be very time consuming. It involves a lengthy application process and it is a lot of upfront times spent with the claimant, considering that if the application is approved, the fee can be small. So, it is quite a bit of a time expense in the attorney’s office.

Do Most First Time Applicants Have A Lot Of Questions And Uncertainty When It Comes To Filling Out The initial Application For Social Security Disability Benefits?

Yes, claimants have quite a few questions but bigger than that, social security has much more questions about the claimant that they have to supply answers to, questions about their medical history, going back 10 years or more, questions about their work history, all of the minute job duties and tasks associated with which the working person has had going back 15 years which is quite tedious.

What Happens When Someone Submits An SSD Application With Even Minor Errors?

Minor errors will not affect your claim, it’s not a matter of crossing Ts and dotting Is to improve your chances of winning your claim. Applications are won like every phase of social security disability is won on the strength of your medical records. So, your medical records, medical reports affect your ability to win your case, not small errors.

How Difficult Is It To Gather All Medical Records and Documents Required When Filing A Social Security Disability Application?

It is overwhelming especially for our clients that have psychiatric conditions, depression, anxiety. Many clients just simply give up with the amount of work to be done and many of these clients don’t know that most attorneys don’t charge an upfront fee and they only get paid if we win the case so that it’s really not a bar to most clients getting help from an attorney with the application but a lot of them do give up. They start their application and then they get halfway through it and then they get frustrated with the amount of documentation for social security requirements.

Are First Time Applications For Social Security Disabilities Are Likely To Be Denied? Should I Wait For A Formal Denial Prior To Hiring An Attorney?

Actually, my answer would be yes. I recommend to clients even now that hey, if you can do the application on your own, you should go ahead and do it. despite that, I have some clients that say I don’t want to bother with it. I will deny it before an application, I did everything by myself. I don’t want to do that again. I just want to get an attorney’s help right from the start so I’m just going to leave it with you to do it. Even though I recommend doing it on my own, many people just simply; it’s quite a bargain really, the attorney’s fees are relatively small and the benefit is great if your application is approved.

Can A Social Security Disability Attorney Help Me Get All Of My Paperwork In Order? Are You Able To Get A Hold Of All My Medical Records And Documentation That I Will Need?

Having an attorney will help you in having your medical evidence in order, will help you by requesting records from doctors, hospitals and clinics and we do that by interviewing the claimant to make sure we have detailed information about the sources that social security might need.

What Will My SSD Attorney Do For Me During The Initial Application Process?

Part of what we do is explaining the process. We will explain the process during application and if the application is denied. We explain what appeal processes will come next and we also, like I said before, we fill out forms, we make sure that the right application process is used because there’s actually two application processes for disability, that’s SSI, Supplemental Security Income Disability and Social Security Disability. One is different from the other, yet sometimes you need to apply for both or one or the other.

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