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When Your Claim Is Rejected

  • By: Tony Adderley
  • Published: February 9, 2015
Concurrent Claims

To protect themselves, employees who are injured or become sick as a result of their work in southern California should apply for workers’ compensation benefits with help from an experienced Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney. Typically, the denial of a workers’ compensation claim happens when a claims administrator determines that your injury is not covered. However, you have the right in California to obtain the help of a workers’ compensation attorney and challenge the rejection of your claim.

A workers’ compensation injury claim may be denied for a number of reasons. The claim will be rejected, for example, if the applicant is not legally an employee. Independent contractors are not covered by workers’ comp; neither are workers who are paid in cash “under the table.” A workers’ compensation claim may also be denied if the employer does not carry the insurance required by law; if this is the case, speak with your workers’ compensation attorney about filing a personal injury claim against the employer. Workers’ compensation keeps California businesses from constantly having to defend themselves against personal injury lawsuits. It is an employee’s right in California to have time off and to receive compensated medical treatment; employees trade their right to sue for personal injury in exchange for the right to obtain workers’ comp payments.

An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you file a workers’ compensation claim and help you challenge the rejection of a claim. Don’t try to do it alone; any mistakes you make or deadlines you miss will delay your benefits. If your workers’ compensation claim has been denied and you need help obtaining benefits in the Los Angeles area, or if you’re injured on the job at some point in the future, don’t wait; put your case immediately in the hands of an experienced and trustworthy Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney.

About the Author Tony Adderley has been working as a professional advocate for
individuals entitled to Social Security Disability (SSD) and worker’s
compensation benefits for more than 20 years.