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A person who has never worked can receive SSI disability. However, if they do have a work history, they should make their best efforts to track it down. This is because when filling out forms with Social Security, an individual must attest to having made their best efforts to obtain information regarding their work history. Detailed information about previous employers is not always necessary, but it will be important to list the names of past employers, the years worked, and the nature of the job duties.

I Am 57 Years Old And I Was Diagnosed With Moderate To Severe Cervical Spinal Stenosis. Can I Qualify For Social Security Disability?

Whether or not a person will qualify for Social Security disability benefits will depend on a number of factors, including work history, the nature of the disability, and what kind of treatment or medication is being taken for the disability.

Should I Be Concerned If My Social Security Disability Hearing Is Scheduled For A Video Interview?

In general, lawyers do not prefer video hearings; it’s usually preferred to have a hearing wherein the lawyers, judge, and claimant are in the same room. When judges are across the country rather than in the same room as the claimant, they don’t often appreciate the problems that the claimant could be having.

I Receive Social Security For A Mental Illness, And I Am At Risk For A Continuing Disability Review. What Does That Mean?

Younger people are generally at risk for continuing disability reviews; people who are close to retirement age or age 60 are less likely to receive continuing disability reviews. In general, these reviews are done when someone’s condition is not permanent but likely to improve with treatment and medication. If someone’s condition has improved after two, three, or even five years’ worth of treatment, then their disability benefits should be cut off and they should return to work. Reviews are generally conducted after two to four years of receiving benefits.

I Was Denied SSD For My Physical Ailments But I Will Appeal Based On My Mental Health Condition. How Can I Assure That My Mental Health Issues Are Taken Into Account?

In order for someone to ensure that their mental health issues are taken into account, it will be important for them to obtain all of their mental health records. As a result of being bombarded with requests for records by Social Security, many doctors, clinics, and hospitals will ignore such requests, and Social Security will not follow up, which means the necessary records will never be received. In order to ensure that Social Security receives the necessary records, it’s advisable for a claimant to take the initiative of obtaining and providing them to Social Security.

If I Lose At The SSD Hearing, Should I Appeal Or Re-Apply?

It’s almost always better to appeal rather than re-apply in order to keep the case moving forward.

Will I Be Able To Make Closing Comments To The Social Security Disability Judge?

In most cases, a lawyer will disapprove of a claimant making a closing statement without first having given that closing statement to the lawyer. Unfortunately, most claimants don’t know what it will take to prove their case and will unintentionally say something that damages rather than helps their case.

My SSD Appeal Was Denied On The Basis Of Me Not Being Disabled Within A Certain Time Period. What Should I Do Next?

If a claimant wrote the wrong date for their disability, then they can correct the date on an appeal and explain that the incorrect date was written on the previous application. However, an individual should never provide untruthful information which could later be falsified.

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