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To obtain the Social Security disability benefits you need and deserve make sure that you have the best Social Security lawyer working for you. Our legal team is headed up by attorney Tony Adderley, who has been practicing Social Security disability since 1993. Social Security disability attorney Tony Adderley has more than three decades of experience representing clients in personal injury and workers’ compensation cases as well as those seeking Social Security disability benefits. He has been providing advocacy services to clients in California, Nevada and other states. When you’re represented by Attorney Tony Adderley and his team, you’re treated with complete respect, offered every professional courtesy, and you will never become just another case number. If you have a disability claim or a Social Security concern that you would like to discuss with our team, call us at (310) 526-8292 to speak with our social security lawyer. We offer Free Case Review. Our offices are also located in Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino CA for your convenience. Just give us a call to speak with a Social Security disability attorney in California. 

What Do We Do To Win Your Claim

Tony Adderley is an attorney that has been working as a professional advocate for individuals entitled to Social Security Disability (SSD) and worker’s compensation benefits since 1993. As a Social Security attorney he has handled a variety of different cases for a variety of different clients all with their own unique sets of injuries and circumstances.

In addition to helping out with initial application filing, Tony Adderley and his trusted team can also provide legal representation for individuals who might be entitled to coverage and benefits but who have already been denied by either the Social Security Administration (SSA)  – or any other program such as the supplemental security income (SSI) program. 

Our Services

Gather Evidence

When you’re filing a claim for Social Security disability, it’s important to provide evidence that proves your disability.

Prepare Testimony

Preparing witness testimony for Social Security disability hearings can be a daunting task.

Cross Examine

Medical experts at Social Security hearings. Judges use medical experts at Social Security hearings to provide detailed

Evidence Objection

Objecting to medical evidence during Social Security disability hearings can be a difficult task without the proper guidance.

File Appeals

Filing an appeal when your Social Security Disability (SSD) claim is denied can feel overwhelming.

Increase Backpay

As Social Security disability insurance programs are designed to help replace lost income when a person can no longer work


Should Ask Questions

Social Security has the toughest standard for determining disability. Not only do you have to be unable to do your past work you also have to be totally disabled meaning unable to do any work at all based on your age. You have to have enough medical evidence that shows that you’re totally disabled.

Probably yes. We turn down some claimants who have not been denied yet on an application. Some claimants just simply need to file an application. We turn some cases down because they’re clearly disabled and they don’t need an attorney – their application will likely be quickly approved. 

Usually you want to file an appeal. If you file a new application with the same medical evidence that you had in the prior application you’re going to get the same result, a denial.

No. It would be unfair to claimants that don’t have an attorney if represented claimants received special processing.

You can improve your chances of winning your claim with medical evidence that shows you are totally disabled. Such as MRI findings, X-rays, CT scans; Treating doctor reports; treatment with medical specialists such as orthopedist, rheumatologist, cardiologist etc. 

Well it’s certainly not helpful when your doctor doesn’t think you’re disabled. We would not ask your doctor to complete a disability assessment knowing that they don’t think you are disabled. 

Probably not. The rules require that you be disabled for at least a continuous 12 month period. 

Yes you can apply. But you may be earning too much or working too much to sustain a claim that you are totally disabled.

SSI disability is a form of welfare. So not only do you have to be totally disabled but you have to qualify for welfare [e.g. food stamps]. Just like food stamps you have to meet low income and assets qualifications.

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